Welcome to the Bonygraph and the Bonychat Forum. If you are reading this you have probably visited or are planning on visiting this lovely part of Mallorca. You might even be luckier and have taken up residence or partial residence. Whether you visit as a day tripper or have enjoyed life here in more leisurely timescales we are sure you might like to share your experiences or, maybe, even learn more about aspects of life here in the Pollenca region.

So what is it about this area that attracts so many of us back time and time again ? Some would say it's the natural beauty , others the choice of restaurants and bars , some even more simple in that they feel safe and secure here in a bad, mad dangerous world outside of the Sceptered Isles . We'd all probably pick our most favourite thing but in my opinion, for what it's worth, is that it is a remarkable combination of natural beauty, culture , facilities and the genuine friendliness of the local population.

Remarkably Puerto Pollensa which enjoys a large influx of British visitors every year has not been submerged in the tackier end of mass tourism , a charge that could be levied at some of the resorts at the opposite corner of Mallorca. There seems to be an acceptance that many tastes can be accommodated as long as a certain genteel British standard is observed . Interesting to remember that the biggest outcry on the opening of the Burger King, a few years back, was not from the indigenous population but from the British ex Pat community and their compatriot visitors. Likewise the opening of sportsbars despite their proliferation worldwide seems to bring out the " disgusteds " of PP.

Like everywhere , the Pollenca region is not some "DisneyWorld " which will never change but will be subject to change constantly beit economic pressure and market forces or the fashion and changing tastes of both the local and visiting population. What won't change , however , are those constants of the natural beauty ranging from the picturesque bay , arguably one of the most stunning sea vistas in Europe , to the surrounding Tramuntana mountain range . How the change that is inevitable is managed and coped with remains to be seen but one that a lot of us can and should have a say in.

The purpose of this site and forum is to share views and comments on everything connected with Pollenca and it's environs. Entirely without commercial influence it aims to share views of folk who enjoy life here either as temporary or more permanent residents. So if you want to have a pop at pomposity , a bat at bureacracy or just a smile at sunset get yourself joined up as a member. It's fun, interesting and hopefully never a dull moment .

But that's all down to you so get posting.

Happy Bonychatting - Forum.

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